✍️ TWJN 95 | thankful for all the love & support from you 💗

    Last updated on 03 May 2023, 8:54pm6 min read

    Happy Sunday to 4,900 motivated writers 👋🏼 

    How’s everyone doing? Well, I'm a few pounds heavier than last week. I had my first proper American Thanksgiving last week. What a holiday.

    And the food! Wow. Marshmallows on sweet potatoes. It sounds so wrong, but it feels so right. Definitely my fave.

    But seriously, I'm so thankful for all of you. Pulling these opportunities together for you is the highlight of my week. 🤗

    It’s an absolute beauty of a weekend here in Austin. Much needed after a gloomy few weeks!! I need to get outside and enjoy some sunshine 😊

    Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


    So, what do we have this week?

    1️⃣ A pretty cool new writing assistant, Moonbeam 

    2️⃣ 23 calls to pitch, in a fellowship 📢

    3️⃣ 18 writing jobs!

    Remember, our supporters get exclusive bonuses (and love, and karma, and better skin, and... more 😉)




    1️⃣ Resource of the week 

    Write faster with Moonbeam’s writing assistant

    You all know I'm a sucker for some good tech (esp when it's *free*). And I've seen a bunch of different writing helpers and tricks. 

    I think Moonbeam is one of the most useful writing tools out there.. it helps you become more efficient

    They help 1000's of writers create blogs, essays, and even grant proposals 10x faster by using Moonbeam’s AI assistant.

    The trick: they help write “boring“ parts so you can focus on more of the 'important' stuff  (research, soul, humor).

    Moonbeam is the probably best AI assistant I've tried (it's free to try right now 👀)

    Check it out here


    2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

    I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities too


    ($3,000 per month) Schomburg Center | Short and long-term fellowships for researchers and creative writers. Details here Deadline Dec 1 


    ⬇️ REGULAR OPPS ⬇️


    ($300 - $500) In These Times | Aparna is looking for pieces on labor, higher ed, union democracy, and more! Rolling call

    ($300+) The Sun Magazine | Anna is looking for pitches about family dynamics, dysfunction, healing, learnings etc. Guidelines here

    ($250 - $335, estimate) Refinery29 | Maybelle is looking for Christmas and end of year pitches, lifestyle, wellness, relationships, sex, etc. Estimate here

    ($200 - $600) Ada Pulse | Crypto writers and editors! Ada Pulse are looking to fill some roles and content writers! 

    ($200 - $600) The Objective | One of my fav recurring publications - They’re always looking for pitches. Guidelines here

    (£200, estimate) The Stylist | Fashion writers! Hannah is looking for smart features and essays for Stylist Extra! Estimate here

    (£180) Junei | Is looking for stories about millennials or gen z who’ve bought homes unconventionally.. auctions, with friends etc. Rolling call

    ($150) Fulcrum Publishing | A call for pitch for creative non-fiction personal essays on women’s reproductive health. Deadline Dec 17

    ($125 - $250, estimated) Insider | Jack is looking for pre- and post- Christmas stories. Always looking for stories about interesting jobs. Pay estimate from prev. posts

    ($100 - $400) Nurall | Travel and city guide writers! Jamie at Nurall is looking for neighbourhood guides (Berlin, Budapest + more) Deadline Dec 4

    ($100 - $400) Cutleaf | Cutleaf are collaborating with All About Beer to put out beer-related pieces. Open to interpretation of what that means to you. Guidelines here Deadline Dec 31 

    ($75 - $175) Tagg Magazine | More holiday calls! This queer women’s magazine is looking for holiday related content. Guidelines here

    ($50 - $70) Future of Sex | Natasha is the new managing editor! And is looking for (especially sexy) pitches. Guidelines here 

    ($50) Just Femme and Dandy | This LGBTQIA+ arts magazine is open for pitches for their next issue. Identity, fashion, and stories. Deadline Dec 17 


    ($1 per word) Rest of World | Vicki is commissioning for 2023 for deeply reported stories, long-form pieces about tech in Asia, Africa, and LatAm Guidelines here

    ($0.50 - $1 per word) Craft Council | Arts and crafts writers! Open call for their fall 2023 issue! Showcase craft that is made from collections of objects or a collective spirit. Deadline Jan 30 

    ($0.50 per word) Inverse | Ray is looking for features all about tech for their end of year stories, all through December. EVS, Mobile, Computers , etc. Guidelines here

    ($0.40 - $0.75 per word) Asana | Nick is looking for pitches about their new executive leadership publication Guidelines here

    ($0.35 - $0.45 CAD per word) C Magazine | Canadian arts and literature magazine is looking for pitches for the Gossip issue. Detail guidelines here Deadline Dec 1

    ($0.20 per word) No Depression | Hilary is looking for pitches for their Spring 23 issue, covering ROOTS MUSIC, folk, signer/writers, blues etc.. Deadline 30 Nov

    ($0.15 CAD per word) Fed Fed Fed | Foodie writers! Fed are looking for pitches for their Mind and Sugar issues. Commissioning ASAP.

    ($0.08 per word) Flame Tree Publishing | Daniella is looking for writers for their Lost Worlds anthology. Tales of lost civilisations, perfect societies, and a whole bunch more Details here




    3️⃣ Writing jobs

    ($61,000 - $96,000, Remote US) University of Pennsylvania | Jessica is looking for a full time Science Writer to join her team on FactCheck.org Apply here

    ($1,000 per piece) The Content Studio | Multiple freelance writers for a client project with LinkedIn for SEO articles on cross-selling and lead generation

    ($500 per piece AUD) Griffith Review | Are looking for three regular contributors for 2023. Total of four pieces per writer ($2,000 AUD) Apply here Deadline Dec 2

    ($250+ AUD per piece) Missing Perspectives | They’ve just received funding to expand original news reporting and looking for freelance reporters!

    ($120 - $250 per piece, Remote) Podreacher | Freelance tech writer B2B repurposed content. Write up podcast show notes and summaries 

    ($100 - $1,000 per week, Remote US) How to Geek | Justin is hiring US-based freelance review writers for tech pieces! Apply here Deadline Dec 1 

    ($50 - $100 per hour, Remote US) Guaranteed | Freelance copywriter in the healthcare space to bring their brand messaging to life!

    ($50 per hour) Suto Science | Freelance copywriter and researcher to support Web3, NFT, Crypto content. Ghostwriting gig!

    ($21 per hour, Remote, Part time) Tasting Table | Freelance food and dining news writer to join their news team! Foodie experience preferred

    ($17.50 per hour, Remote, Part time) Death, Sex & Money | Intern to create content for podcast, social media. 20 hours per week. Apply here Deadline Dec 9 


    (Paid, Remote EU) Reddit | Content lead based in Germany as a contractor to be a thought leader and principle curator in the region

    (Paid, Remote EU) Vercom | Freelance content marketing manager to create processes, develop marketing strategy, and more. 

    (Paid, Remote US) Gamers | Gamer magazine looking for a freelance writers, focus on indie and cozy games!   

    (Paid, Remote US) Nearpod | Contract curriculum writer in the education and teaching space, instructional design for Mathematics lessons 

    (Paid, Remote US) PHMG | Freelance copywriter to put out original marketing demo scripts to help sell business and land clients

    (Paid, Remote) Roboten | Freelance copywriter to create website copy, articles, infographics, etc. for this low-code development tool that helps customers create their SaaS or business software

    (Paid, Remote) Vera Content | Freelance writers with experience in creating and localising content in Spanish for the LATAM market. Apply here

    (Paid, Remote) Barrel | Freelance copywriter and content strategist to join this digital marketing agency. Remote first!



    PS What are you thankful for this year?? Hit reply and let me know! Or shoot a DM on twitter @job_writers

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