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    Last updated on 03 May 2023, 8:54pm8 min read

    Happy Sunday to 5,751 motivated writers 👋🏼 

    How’s everyone doing? It’s another big (and busy) week for TWJN!

    You ask and I listened.. we've got a bunch of freelance wirting jobs this week, pay from $25 to over $75 per hour! That's in addition to the usual calls to pitch.

    Also, I’ve really racking up some air miles recently.

    TWJN supporters got the heads up on Weds that I’ve been on the road again ✈️ (with the day job, this time).

    I was in Portland, OR, this week. Honestly, it’s such a beautiful part of the country

    ....and this weekend, I’m coming at you Live from a NYC 😊 🗽And you’ll notice a few different NY-focsued jobs this week… it’s almost like that was planned.

    Let’s dig in!!  


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    So, what do we have this week?

     1️⃣ Resource: A compilation of resources for writers

    2️⃣ 28 calls to pitch, 16 early access for  ⚡️TWJN Pro Supporters

    3️⃣ 24 writing jobs

    Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


    1️⃣ Resource of the week 

    A compilation of resources for writers

    I love seeing these types of resources. The Open Notebook has pulled together this huge list of resources for writers.

    It’s mostly focused on science writing, but it’s super useful to see of this in one place. Things like workshops, grants, professional organisations, and more.

    Grants ranging from $1,000 to over $25,000! So much opportunity out there to make a living writing.

    Check it out here



    2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

    Free subscribers receive these updates on Sunday. TWJN Pro Supporters got an update on Wednesday with all posts with a ⚡️

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    ⚡️ TWJN Pro ⚡️

    ⚡️($800) Bolts Magazine | Michael and Taniel are always looking for stories about critical voting rights and criminal justice stories across the US. Guidelines here

    ⚡️($400 - $600) Rest of World | The Asia Desk is looking for pitches about local subjects from writers on the ground. Focusoed on tech news, locations in East and Southeast Asia, mainly. Guidelines here 

    ⚡️($300 - $500) Monarch | Jess is looking for pitches about private practice mental health topics about mentoring: finding a mentor, having conversations as a mentor/mentee etc)


    ⚡️($100 - $250) Pride Source | Chris is looking for pitches from queer writers about home-related stories. Guidelines here Deadline 17 Feb

    ⚡️($100) Destiny Build Guides | Gamers! Merritt is looking for someone to write guides for when Lightfall comes out

    ⚡️(£50) Recessed Space | Will is looking for reviews, comments, interviews at the intersection of fine art and architecture More info here. They’ve got a cool website!

    ⚡️($50+) No Bells | They’re open to pitches for interviews, listening guides, and more. All about rap and internet culture music. Guidelines here

    ⚡️($45) Woman Advance NC | Ashely is looking for writers to cover Women’s History Month. Deadline March 15


    ⚡️($2 per word, estimate) Glamour Magazine UK | Luce is looking for pitches around sexual consent and the UK legal system Estimate here

    ⚡️($1 per word) Smart Mouth | Katherine is looking for pitches about food. Think restaurant chains, consumer facing farm issues, city eating guides, and a bunch more. Very useful pitch guide here

    ⚡️($0.50 per word) Atmos Magazine | Yessenia is looking for stories about the Colorado River crisis from an Native American perspective

    ⚡️($0.50 per word) Prism | Another bump on this publication who looks for pieces from incarcerated writers across a few priority areas. Infrastructure issues, union efforts, women’s rights Guidelines here Rolling call 

    ⚡️($0.50 per word) Texas Highways Magazine | They’ve just revamped their pitch guides for contributing their website. Think all things roads and road safety in TX  Much more info in the guidelines here Rolling call

    ⚡️(£0.33 per word) Inside Housing | Faima is looking to commission pieces from a neurodivergent perspective about ableism and discrimination in social housing Guidelines here and here Rolling call

    ⚡️($0.10 per word) SFWA | Sci-fi and fantasy writers! They’re open for pitches to their blog. Guidelines here. Rolling call



    ⬇️ Regular opps ⬇️

    ($250) Viator Magazine | Lauren is looking for editorial writers for a bunch of different locations. Travel pieces! The Caribbean, Central America, Brazil and a bunch of South America. Lots of opps!

    ($250 - $500) Margot Magazine | Kelly is looking for pitches for this new magazine, all about the ecological situation of Southern Appalachia region in the US Deadline June 1

    ($210) Holler | They’re looking for US festival reporters, feature writers, album reviewers, all about country and Americana

    ($200) Insider | Fiona is looking for satires from writers to live in tiny homes and other interesting houses. Guidelines here Apply here

    (£150, estimate) Stylist Magazine | Hannah is looking for reported pieces and first-person essays for Stylist Extra. Guidelines here. Estimate here 

    ($130) Feminist Food Journal | Pitches are still open for their CITY issue, all about food in cities. Guidelines here Deadline Feb 23

    ($100 - $200) Tribeza | Georgie is looking for experienced digital foodie writers to write about Austin’s best restaurants, events, design, and more 

    ($75) Muslim Matters | They’re looking for stories from Black Muslim writers for a critical review of the movie You People, about the relationship between a Muslim woman in a relationship with a non-Muslim man

    ($60 - $250) Hammock Magazine | Alina is looking for pitches, short stories or standalone novels. Personal pieces, and a bunch more detail in the thread.

    ($50) Anime Herald | They’re always looking for ani pieces and general interest stories! Guidelines here





    ($2 per word, estimate) Good Housekeeping | Georgia is looking for stories about love, triumph, and success. Fun and lighthearted pieces! Guidelines here Estimate here

    ($1 - $1.50 per word) EHRP | Deb has a call for pitches and updated guidelines with increased rates! First person essays, reported features and op-eds Guidelines here

    ($0.50 per word) Texas Monthly | Yeeeee-haw! 🤠 Leah is looking for style and design pitches for my fav Texas publication. Always a good read! Lifestyle essays, reported features, and more, but focused on the great state of TX Guidelines here 





    2️⃣ Writing jobs

    ⚡️($77,000 - $82,000, Hybrid TX) | Managing editor to lead day-to-day operations of their travel magazine. Ideal candidates are passionate about all things TX! Apply here

    ⚡️($65,000 - $80,000, Remote US) Rolling Stone | Multi-media and UX editor to build digital editorial packages for their website and social handles

    ⚡️(£8,000, Remote UK, Part time) Curating for Change | Freelance digital content creator to support digital communication activities for Accentuates project. Planned for 6 days per quarter from March 2023 - March 2024 Apply here


    ⚡️($800 - $1,600 per month, Remote) Complexly | Freelance script writer for art history. This YouTube channel is looking for students, teachers, and lifelong learners to write stories for their art history series

    ⚡️($30 - $40 per hour, Remote, Part time) Seven Rooms | Freelance copy editor to deliver quality content to restaurant operators More about the company here

    ⚡️($30 per hour, Remote, Part time) Singularity Digital | Freelance content editor to support this agency. They’re looking for an editor to put out SEO content. 1-3 days per week

    ⚡️(Paid, Remote) The Manual  | Freelance auto writer, ideally with experience writing about the auto industry. Managing and publishing content to WordPress

    ⚡️(Paid, Remote) Alloy | Senior content specialist to manage content, research, and support their go-to-market strategy


    ($80,000 - $120,000, Remote LA) Associated Press | Not the usual remote job… but what an opportunity! Music journalist in LA. Sounds like such a cool gig! Apply here

    ($75,000 - $130,000, Remote NY) THE CITY | Full time Brooklyn reporter or senior reporting, depending on experience

    ($60,000 - $70,000, Remote NY) NY Focus | Capitol reporter for a full-time position reporting on government to expose how decisions are made in Albany Apply here Deadline March 9 

    (£34,308 - £42,155, Remote UK) TABLE | Researcher to write clear and analytical pieces for professionals in the food systems space. Apply here Deadline March 13


    ($800 per piece, Remote US) NY Focus | Contributing reporter to join their roster of freelance journalists to produce and publish regularly.All about hard-hitting stories focused on NY state and city.


    ($75 per hour, Remote US) 19th News | Part time copywriter and social media producer to join the events team, for a 6-month stint initially. Apply here Deadline Feb 24

    ($50 per hour, Remote US) CAYIMBY | Ned is looking for freelance policy writers to help develop a long-range policy framework in California Apply here

    ($40 - $75 per hour, Remote WA) Run Studios | Part-time proofreaders and content editors to support a large on-line retail client and will be on a per-project basis

    ($35 - $45 per hour, Remote US) The Common Market | Freelance content writer to support storytelling for this non-profit that helps regional food distribution. They connect communities with food from sustainable family farms

    ($32 - $45 per hour, Remote US) Anthro Tech | Freelance copy editor for a full-time engagement, 40 hours, to start immediately. Communicating their website redesigns to government clients.

    ($30 - $50 per hour, Remote US) Dashboard.Earth | Freelance copywriter to manage and update content on their app, website, and marketing campaigns. Awesome mission to support citizen engagement in climate change adaptation

    ($25 per hour, Remote) Type Investigations | Maha is looking for a researcher to support investigating factors and supporting projects across their reporting Apply here Deadline March 26

    ($20 per hour, Remote) Jenni Gritters | She’s looking for a product reviewer to help writing for her side business. Running from March - June for about 20 hour per month


    (Paid, Remote US) Wirecutter | Lead editor for their baby & kid column, responsible for managing assignments and product coverage across this cateogry. I use Wirecutter reviews all the time!

    (Paid, Remote) Hims & Hers | Freelance blog writer all about sex! Cross functionally supporting their medical review and SEO teams. They want to normalise conversations about sex and relationships




    PS I love you all