The Writer's Job Newsletter #55

    Last updated on 03 May 2023, 8:54pm4 min read


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    Hey Everyone!

    Apologies for the late email today - I've had to run and do a COVID test (which obviously takes up half a day...) as I was exposed to someone who's since tested positive. What a farce!

    Aside from the running around, the weather is dreary and this never ending story drags on. It's been pretty windy in the UK and a few trees have fallen over, but never-the-less, the freelancing show must go on!

    I'll send something more exciting mid-week (have a few things planned) but as always, check out some of the great jobs lined up before --- 2 great 6 figure jobs actually! Why wouldn't you apply??

    As always, if you need any help, please get in touch :)


    As always, If you're a new writer and struggling to find paid work - get in touch and we'll do our best to help! Also, remember that our subscription package gives access to a historical jobs list of over 700 opportunities, over 200 publications and their pitching guidelines + fees, also a future competitions page!


    Calls to Pitch

    I try to ensure all the positions are well-paid, and if not, they’re helpful in some other way. Our readership varies from new writers to established writers, so some jobs are better for others. Either way, if you have any questions, get in touch with me or the employer, see how you can help, and grow your network! I try to only show remote jobs, but sometimes allow odd interesting jobs to pass through.

    ($300) Polygon are looking for pitches on for culture, trend, internet, and/or fandom analysis stories.

    (£350) Fabulous Magazine are looking for really strong, UK exclusive real-life story pitches for Fabulous magazine's Life Story page with great pics.

    ($500) @Gavi is looking for short features from India around the theme of 'vaccines work.'The rate is 500 USD per piece. 

    ($300-$500) Inverse are looking for pitches for a spring special issue called Love Games, focusing on the most memorable romances, thirst traps, unsinkable ships, and sexy mods in video games.

    ($35ph) CNET are looking for a writer to join the commerce team. Flexible schedules allowed!

    (£200) @Laurakabuzz is looking for people to help on creating an anthology of positive joyous essays by autistic authors.

    ($300) Well+Good are looking for pitches for a package that examines what "feminism," "womanhood," and "women's history" means to you in 2022—be that good, bad, or complicated.They’re looking for personal takes on these topics/terms.

    (Paid) @CannabisHnews are now accepting freelance pitches from UK based journalists. Interested in features, news & opinion covering all aspects of the cannabis/CBD/hemp industry.

    (Paid) @Tabithamarieee is looking for a freelance writer who has experience writing legal content.

    (Paid) How-To-Geek is looking for a future tech writer!

    (Paid) @Chatelaine is accepting pitches on justice, politics, health, environment and culture, as relevant to 30+ Canadian women. 

    Remote Writing Jobs

    ($126,000) (Remote) Basecamp is hiring a Content Marketing Manager to organise, edit, and write content for the website, social media, and other channels.

    (Remote) Recurrent Ventures is seeking an enterprising freelance writer and editor to oversee its weekend coverage.

    Fingerprint for Success is looking for a Copywriter to join the team.

    (Remote) GitHub is looking for a Technical Writer. You'll report to a Docs Content Manager and work cooperatively with the Docs team to produce task-based, user-facing help content that's tailored to a range of audiences and published on GitHub Docs.

    (Remote) mmhmm is hiring a Senior Community Manager to energize, educate and expand the rapidly growing community of users.

    ($100,000) (California) Scripps Research Institute is looking for a remote Science Writer & Communications Officer. You’ be responsible for the functions of lead writer, editor and contact person to communicate the scientific excellence and impact of the Institute through earned, owned and paid channels. 

    ($83,200) is looking for its first Technical Writing Community Manager to work as a team.

    (Remote) MainStreet is looking for a mission-driven UX Writer to join MainStreet’s growing Design team and bring clarity and personality to MainStreet’s product.

    (Remote) Eight Sleep is looking for a Content and Social Media Intern. This role will be responsible for creating engaging content, connecting with the Eight Sleep community, and identifying initiatives for the Eight Sleep brand on social media accounts. This position reports to the Director of Brand Marketing.


    We’re writers ourselves and know how difficult it can be to find well paid, honest work and at times, you do feel like you’re banging your head against a brick-wall. We’ve tried our best to help, so please let us know how we can help!Hope you have a great week and we’ll speak to you soon!

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